Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

May 20, 2020 : 12:00 p.m. MST

While telehealth appointments are still available, we are also open for in-person visits. If you have questions about telehealth visits or about our in person office visits, please call our office.

pMD Telehealth Consent Form
FaceTime Telehealth Consent Form

A: A telehealth visit is essentially an appointment with your physician or advanced practitioner over a platform like FaceTime or pMD that allows audio and visual communication between you and your provider.

A: Likely yes. Telehealth visits are typically covered by most insurance plans. However, we recommend you check with your insurance provider about specific details of your plan.

After you and your health provider end the telehealth visit, an office staff member will separately call you to collect any copay that you may owe over the phone. If you are unable to make a payment over the phone, a bill will be sent to you for any related copay amounts as well as any remaining billable amounts.

A: At this time, we offer telehealth visits through pMD or FaceTime.

When you call our practice to schedule your telehealth visit, our staff will ask you which platform (pMD / FaceTime) you prefer to utilize for the appointment and provide the necessary instructions to prepare for the visit.

A: Simply call our practice as normal to schedule an appointment and indicate that you would like to schedule a telehealth visit.

A: You will still be receiving care from the provider and team that you have come to trust. Your provider will not be able to perform a physical exam, so they will rely on you to report all physical symptoms. However, your provider and care team will provide the same high-attention to detail and quality medical advice that you have come to expect.

A: Please review the testing request with your physician. If the test is not urgent, you may be asked to delay. If your tests are unable to be delayed, we will work with the labs and imaging center to ensure your tests are able to be completed. You will need to attend those visits in-person.

A: Your physician or advanced practitioner will conduct the telehealth visit alone in a secure area. You and anyone you invite to attend the appointment should also be in a private area.

We have patient consent forms that share details about your telehealth visit.

  • Click here to access the pMD patient consent form
  • Click here to access the FaceTime patient consent form

A: While telehealth appointments are still available, we are also open for in-person visits. Please call the office for more details. We will call you the day before your scheduled appointment to determine if you have been exposed to any of the existing risk-factors for COVID-19. Risk-factors include whether you or someone in your household has recently traveled to high-risk countries or regions or has been on a cruise ship. Additionally, we will screen to see if you or anyone you have come in contact with is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.

If you do not have the risk-factors listed above, you may show up for your appointment as normal. Each individual arriving for appointments will be asked to wear a mask. You are only able to bring one care partner with you to your appointment. We encourage your care partner to drop you off for the appointment and pick you up after the appointment is over—this means the care partner would not attend the appointment with you.